Power BI: IPL Analytics- Visualizations and Design Reports -Part 1

In my previous blog we have seen data modeling and data transformation techniques. Now let us see how to represent this data in different visualizations and Power BI reports.

Let us design our first Power BI report ”Β Indian Premier LeagueΒ Matches : 2008 -2017″.

By Default one blank page would have been added to the report, in case we are not able to see the same, we can click on chart icon shown on the left navigation bar or click on New page on the ribbon as shown in below snippet.

New Report

Once we are on this blank page, let us try and design the report which is shown in top image.Β  We can change the background color of the report and add the image of IPL to it’s background. Let us follow below steps to do so. Power BI desktop has a right wide window showing the Fields and Visualizations as collapsible sections.

Fields Window shows the tables and corresponding fields which are available in Power BI desktop and Visualizations section shows the different chart options which are available in Power BI desktop.

In Visualizations- we can see lot of chart icons shown which can be dragged in Power BI reports and below we can see two icons which are used for chart fields and formatting.

When we are on the blank page,Β  select the formatting and let us try to change the background color as shown in below snippets

New Report-AddIMage

New Report-colour

Now let us add background image to the report . Click on the Add Image button and browse the image file and select the image.New Report-AddIMage1

Once the image is selected, it will be set as background image of the report as shown belowNew Report-AddIMage2

Now let us add the report heading at the right corner of the report. Add the Textbox as shown in below snippet and add the heading.

We have seen few steps to design Power BI report. Let us continue to develop this report further by adding different visualizations of this data for the IPL Analytics in my next blog. I am sure you would love to do this with me.

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Keep Learning !! Happy analyzing and be Powerful πŸ™‚

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