Power BI: IPL Analytics- Visualizations and Design Reports -Part 3

In my previous blog, we configured Treemap visualization, here let us add few more visualizations in the same report.

If we want to filter the report data based on the venue of the matches and see  the entire analysis of the IPL location wise, Power BI provides a very useful feature called Slicer. Slicer would be very good to be used in below scenarios

  • Display commonly-used or important filters on the report canvas for easier access.
  • Make it easier to see the current filtered state without having to open a drop-down list.

Kindly refer Microsoft docs for more information about the usage of Slicer visualization

Slicers in Power BI

Let us go ahead and add a slicer visual on the report at top left corner as shown in below snippets

Select the slicer visual and drag and drop on the page canvas.

Slicer chart1

Select the Venue_Name field from the Match table and drag it to the report field.Slicer chart2

We can format the slicer as required. One example is as shown below, let us add a Title as “Select Venue”, change the font color  etc.Slicer chart3

Once we finish the formatting, it will reflect as shown in below snippet. Its  a list of all unique venues where matches were played and we can either select all/ multiple or single venue for the filtering purpose.Slicer chart4

Now you would wonder how does this Slicer can control /filter data for entire report and rest of visuals. Here is the magic. Just select the Slicer visual and go to Format menu on the ribbon. If the Edit Interactions button is selected, it means Slicer control interacts with rest of visuals. Once the Slicer and Edit Interactions both are selected, we can see a filter icon and a none icon on rest of the visuals as shown in below snippet.Slicer chart6

These are important icons for the interactions.

Slicer chart7Filter: Once the filter is selected, it is shown in black and reflects that the filter will be applied based on the Slicer control. If we do not want to filter, just click on it so that it turns white.

Slicer chart7.5None: We can select the None icon in case we want to exclude this chart from filtering and slicer filter will not be applied to the chart.


We can even use the Slicer on this page to control other report pages.

I would request you to play around this particular setting and understand more about the Slicer interactions.

We have completed configuring Slicer in Power BI report.

Let us continue to develop this report by adding more visualizations in my next blog. I am sure you would love to do this with me.

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Keep Learning !! Happy analyzing and be Powerful 🙂

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