Power BI: IPL Analytics- Visualizations and Design Reports -Part 4

In my previous blog, we configured Slicer visualization, Let us add few more visualizations in the same report.

If we want to show the match locations on a World map along with the density of number of matches played in a visual way, we can use the Map Visual as shown in below snippet. As usual, let us drag and drop it on the report canvas.

New Report-Second chart1

Once its dropped at the center, we can resize it as required and place it at the required place in report canvas. If you see in the below snippet, we can see the location as one property of the visual where we mapped the City-Name. On the similar lines we can use any other location field. If you remember in my earlier data modelling post, we have changed the type of this field to City so that we can use this field in Map visuals.

There are multiple other properties of the Map visual which can be used as mentioned below-

Size: this would determine the size of the bubble at that location. Here we have Count of match_id which decided the size of the bubble.

Color Saturation: this would determine the darkness of the color based on the field associated with it. Here we have Count of match_id which decides the color saturation of the bubble.

My recommendation would be to try out various settings of the visual so that you are comfortable using the same.
New Report-Second chart2

We can see the various sizes and color shades at match locations in below map visual
New Report-Second chart3

If without dropping the Map visual, we directly select any location type field and drag and drop on the report canvas, it will automatically add the Map visual and set its location property to selected Location type field.

We have completed configuring basic Map visual in Power BI.

Let us continue to develop this report by adding more visualizations in my next blog. I am sure you would love to do this with me.

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