Power BI: IPL Analytics- Visualizations and Design Reports -Part 6

In my previous blog, we have completed the deign of first report, let us see what is different in second report. Here we will discuss about the Card visual and how to add Custom visuals. If we refer the above image of second report, we can see many Single numbers which highlight the specific values such as Runs Scored. Overs bowled, Total matches played and so on. These visuals are called as Card type visuals.

We can configure such visuals either by adding the card visual to the report, as we did for rest of visuals till now, or we can even directly add these visuals from QNA feature.

Let us first see how do we add it from the report designer. We need to drop this visual on the report canvas and follow the steps as shown in below snippets.Card1

If we want to highlight the total runs scored in all matches, let us select the Runs_scored field and select aggregate function sum in the  properties as shown in  below snippets. You can see the properties by clicking on the triangle on added field.


It will display the card as shown in below snippet.


On similar lines we can add multiple card visuals by selecting various fields we had created during the data modeling and different aggregate functions as shown in below snippets. For example, Average of Economy, Sum of  Overs by Bowler etc.

We can even format the card visual using the Format option like changing the font color, background color, font style etc.

As I mentioned above, we can create these cards by using the (Question and Answer) QNA feature as well. This feature was earlier available only in Power BI service and was later added in the Power BI desktop as well.  Let us try and create similar cards using the QNA  feature of the Power BI. It will be really quick to question the data and get answer in terms of visualization. For example, “how many total matches played?”, “what is the average economy in all matches?” etc. Kindly refer below snippets to see the steps to get this.

Either double click on the report canvas and it will allow to ask question or click on “Ask A Question” from the ribbon as shown in below snippet.QnA1

Referring to below snippet, as we start typing “total runs_s”, it would give us options based on available tables and fields in our dataset.


It would automatically give you the response in Card visual as the answer is single number as shown in below snippet. It is similar to the card we have designed manually by selecting the visual and adding the field to it. We might need to do the formatting based on our requirements.Qna3

In case the answer is more than one number, it would respond as different visuals accordingly. We can ask different questions and get answers as shown in below snippets.


QNA is a vast topic in itself. Let us discuss it separately in depth in some other post.

We have seen how to add card visuals in Power BI reports in this blog. In next blog let us see how to embed the custom visual in our report. I hope you are enjoying creating these visuals along with me.

Thank you for reading my blog, if you have any questions please mention in the comments and hit the like button if you like my write up.

Keep Learning !! Happy analyzing and be Powerful 🙂

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