Setting up trial for Power Virtual Agent

Power Virtual Agent

As we start with any new platform or technology, first step is to set up trial instance. Oh My God and here also I struggled πŸ™‚ – being Dynamics CRM consultant, I was well aware of creating the trial instances for dynamics CRM modules. But now my mind was thrilled with PVA, Here I was just thinking for PVAs , hence I directly tried to create a Power platform trial, initially it took my Organization’s credentials and denied giving the error that your organization has restricted creation of any trial instances, so you can’t and on the other hand the power platform needs valid school or organization id only to create a trial instance. Oh what’s this ! so much enthusiasm of learning PVA, but I am not even able to create a trial instance πŸ˜€. Finally I had to create a trial instance of Dynamics CRM, then go to Power platform admin site and create environment for PVA trial.

Its recommended that never create new chatbot in directly default environment, hence create a new environment and then new chatbot. We have to follow simple steps to create and configure chatbots

With your Dynamics CRM trial instance credentials open the link and it would pop up with below create chatbot form.

We can give the name for the chatbot, select the language and select the environment. Click on create new environment as it has only default environment. It will redirect to to create the new environment. New environment would reflect in the dropdown post refresh, we can select that and click on create.

As shown in below snippet, new bot will be created.

Chatbot comes with various features like we can define topics, entities. We can manage the chatbot with respect to the channels, agent transfers, security, skills, AI capabilities etc to complete the business requirements.

Let us check the Topic authoring, entities variables in upcoming posts.

Happy chattingπŸ˜€