Guest Speaker @ KBP College

Being from teacher’s family and having both parents hard core teachers, I was looked forward  for opportunities where I can contribute to the society and always dreamed that I am helping college students using my industry experience. It is quite regular in software industry to present in front of customers/ senior management/other professionals/business users etc . But talking to students would be an all together different experience.  Long back got such opportunity to conduct a session at my college SGGS College of Engineering and Technology at Nanded, at my native place. However I always wanted to continue and do something which should be regular and in the near by area . This would allow me to contribute more and accommodate within daily busy schedule. Hoping that someday the opportunity would knock me and suddenly, our family friend Rahul asked me if I can contribute to his event “Technoholic” at KBP College, Thane. Oh Gosh !! I just couldn’t hide my excitement and accepted it immediately.  It was completely Rahul’s idea about conducting technofest in the college and he always has amazing ideas and does everything with full excitement and dedication.

We had to choose the topic which would be most useful for the BSc IT students and still attractive  🙂 Conducted one hour session on “Deep Dive in Cloud Computing and Current Trends”. I was overwhelmed to see the enthusiasm and eagerness  of those  students to hear on such intense technical topic. I think there is lot can be done to enhance these students and help them to get ready for the corporate jobs, where they have to compete with Engineering students.

The day was very well spent with utter satisfaction of doing something different.

Loved to share the story along with few moments

Ribbon Cutting By Rahul Dharashivkar


Robot developed by KBP College students

Inauguration with lighting the lamp

23087aef-35a8-4de0-ba87-afe21e7c9de2On the stage with other Honorable guests and committee members


Mr Sachin More, Chairman  presenting Memento to Rahul

Mr Sachin More, Chairman presenting Memento to me
Talking about IaaS, PaaS and SaaS


Rahul engaging students about Campus to Corporate

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